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Speaking for Impact® is an innovative program for executives and business professionals seeking to advance their careers through improved speaking skills. Offered as a private program and an online program Speaking for Impact is for professionals whose continued success is fueled by stellar verbal communication.


Speaking for Impact

Many find presenting to groups to be extremely daunting. Speaking for Impact offers techniques to combat nerves, answer tough interview questions smoothly, prevent rambling, dress for success, and handle the unexpected with poise. Our participants leave this experience feeling confident, assured, and ready to tackle their next speaking challenge. 

Speaking for Impact focuses on identifying participants' individual strengths and teaching them how to leverage those strengths for optimal impact.

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Speaking for Impact: Private Program

Your employees can enjoy Speaking for Impact as a private program held at your offices or offsite. Groups are kept under twelve people and each participant receives one-on-one coaching from our seasoned presentation coaches as well as peer feedback and on-camera practice.

This intensive seminar will uncover each person’s strengths, teach them how to leverage those strengths in public speaking. Each participate will be given objective feedback and gain confidence. Rigorous exercises, including speaking on camera, provide opportunities for practice. Our unique scoring model encourages goal setting and objective feedback.

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Speaking for Impact Online

Speaking for Impact Online is designed to elevate the speaking strengths of your employees using the convenience of videos they can access anytime from anywhere.

This online program identifies and builds upon the individual participants’ strengths to build confidence and competence in their communications. Presented by master trainer Judy Grant and illustrated with vivid examples and exercises, the participant will learn to use these fundamental speaking skills to amplify their impact when presenting to groups and in one-on-one conversations. Our unique scoring method encourages goal setting and objective feedback.  Rigorous exercises provide extensive opportunities for practice.

The program is offered in three modules:

  • Mastering the Top 10 Speaking Strengths

  • Mastering the Art of Body Language

  • Mastering Storytelling and Story Structure

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Our Training Center

We provide one-to-one coaching and private training programs at our center at 1900 Embarcadero #305, Oakland, CA 94606


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